Vintage Hanky Bonnets and Flower Clips

 My vintage hanky bonnets and flowers make great keepsake/ heirloom gifts. All bonnets and Flowers are hand sewn and come with a cute little poem on pretty cardstock, ready to be given as a special gift. most of these are sold.. I can send pics of hankies that I have

 Hankie Bonnet Poem

I am just a little hankie, as square as can be;
But with a stitch or two, they've made a bonnet out of me.
I'll be worn home from the hospital, and on special days,
And then I'll be carefully pressed and neatly packed away.
Then on the wedding, I have been told,
Every well dressed Bride must have something old.
So what would be more fitting than to find Little Old Me,
A few stitches snipped and a wedding handkerchief I will be!
And if per chance, it is a boy, someday he still will wed.
So to his Bride he can present the handkerchief once worn upon his head.


(Hanky Flower poem is similar to this)

Hanky Bonnets: $7.00 each + shipping (poem included)

Hanky Flowers: $5 each+shipping(peom included) 

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